Investment in the development of the simulator

Investment in the development of the simulator

$ 15,00

One unit of “goods” is equivalent to 2 km of the route or 2 circuit elements. In the note when paying, please indicate which route or locomotive the investment belongs to.

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You can get the status of “Sponsor” or “Premium Sponsor” and get the gold bars’ signs on your Forum profile.

Sponsors are those who have donated $30 or more for routes (4km equivalent), locomotives, or other contributions. Premium sponsors are those who donated $100 or more.

All sponsors get an access to the closed sections of the forum, where they find extra routes which we cannot publish to the public and some other benefits. For the duration of the sponsorship, the keys can be updated without restrictions.

The amount of $30 gives sponsorship for 1 year from the date of the last investment, $60 for 2 years, $120 for 4 years and so on.