ZDSimulator – Realistic Railroad Simulator

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ZDSimulator is a unique project of the real professional training apparatus for train driving schools, which is now available to any user as a railway simulator

Driver simulator

You are offered a unique opportunity to learn how to control the models of the real well-designed locomotives, following real routes created by our team and other developers.

You will feel like being in a train engineer’s seat and be able to try to drive both a heavy freight train and a high-speed passenger train using unique and interesting scenarios offered by our simulator.

Drive over the accurately simulated railway lines that really exist in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus in free driving mode or in multiplayer.

ZDSimulator - Реалистичный железнодорожный симулятор

Simple and complex mode,
suitable for beginners and experts

ZDSimulator - Реалистичный железнодорожный симулятор

Realistic locomotive and train
control physics

ZDSimulator - Реалистичный железнодорожный симулятор

Detailed elaboration of the electrical circuit
and apparatus of the locomotive

ZDSimulator - Реалистичный железнодорожный симулятор

More than 50 routes,
that is more than 3000 km of the real track profile and stations

Возможность совместной игры (мультиплеер)

Ability to play online

  • participants can see each other
  • several in a row
  • dispatch signal and traffic control
ZDSimulator - Реалистичный железнодорожный симулятор

Easy to find and install add-ons

Lots of free add-ons

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